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K: Aomine-kun punched Haizaki-kun?
M: Ah, but it was for saving Ki-chan so he had no choice and..
K: Won't it be bad if the word get out?
M: ...yeah

(Kuroko and Momoi ch.174)



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まじで1000%らぶ | まゆ
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This month’s issue of Pash! had a “Which Survey Corps character are you” quiz and I haven’t seen it around, so I decided to translate it.

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I was too lazy to take my mook apart to scan.)

RESEARCH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS: Which soldier do you resemble!?

Survey Corps Personality Quiz
From the start, you’ve been interested in those soldiers; maybe the truth is that you were sympathising with how their minds worked? With this personality quiz, let’s try chasing after your true nature! I wonder which character resembles you the most?

Everyone different, which is exactly why they can draw out each other’s strengths
From the reckless Eren to the nasty-tongued Levi to the quick-to-argue Jean, all the soldiers in the Survey Corps have different personalities and opinions. Although they all have their individual abilities in battle and they all fight under the banner of “peace for humanity”, they can’t coordinate at all!

However, their synergy is born precisely because their strong points differ, so they can demonstrate their strength on the battlefield. Surely, they can solve the puzzle that is the titans!

Instead of thinking carefully about things, you prefer to act quickly.
YES → Go to 1
NO → Go to 2

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Official Arts by Toi8

transparent boyfriends~ (◡‿◡✿) part 1 | part 2

i made these in japanese social science class, it’s super boring

feel free to use~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

click on the pics for better quality~


Free! :: Edo Period AU






i’m in love

There are no Deadpool cosplayers. Deadpool sometimes just breaks the 4th wall to show up at conventions.

reblogging again because of the waldo gif

I love Deadpool

deadpool omg


Free!王子樣水泳部 | 汤头君 
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Nepeta Leijon Her growth (?) Complete picture :33

:33>next Is….

——Growth picture (Complete)——

[Gamzee Makara]

[Aradia Megido]

[Equius Zahhak]

[Terezi Pyrope]

[Kanaya Maryam]

[Tavros Nitram]

[Feferi Peixes]

[Sollux Captor]